How are KMS air blow guns different?

Example of OSHA compliant kms air blow gun with extension.

KMS Safety Blow Guns are the only air nozzle on the market with the patented Triple-Action Venturi System which puts safety ports to work combining free ambient air with costly compressed air. The system creates a fuller volume of usable pneumatic output. This feature-packed industrial strength blowgun outperforms its overpriced competitors.AIR BLOW GUNS: KMS HAS YOUR TAMPER PROOF AIR NOZZLE SOLUTION
Many managers have observed operators plugging or taping over their blowguns’ vent holes in an effort to increase the nozzle air output, thus violating OSHA safety standards for compressed air use. If the patented venturi side ports of a KMS Safety Blow Gun are blocked, the airflow output is noticeably reduced, thus eliminating the tamper incentive and preventing costly OSHA safety violations.AIR BLOW GUNS: KMS HAS YOUR OSHA COMPLIANT BLOW GUN SOLUTION
Exceeds OSHA air safety requirements by reducing compressed air pressure to less than 30 psi when dead-ended and by providing required safety shield for effective chip guarding, per OSHA requirements. KMS Safety Blow Guns tested using 125 psi initial air pressure output approximately 20 psi air nozzle pressure when blocked. OSHA-compliant protective chip-guard protects blowgun operator from airborne debris and prevents air gun lever from activating when dropped. KMS Safety Blow Gun’s patented venturi side ports provide safety relief when blow gun is dead-ended.
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