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  • safety blow gun
  • safety blow gun
  • safety blow gun

Copper Extensions – 3″-17″


Safety Blow Gun Extensions
Length 3″ $2.95 ea.
Length 5″ $3.30 ea.
Length 9″ $3.95 ea.
Length 17″ $5.40 ea.



Safety Blow Gun Extensions

For additional safety and to access those hard to reach or obstructed areas easily, you can add one of our copper extensions to our OSHA approved air blow guns. These copper extensions focus the air flow, help avoid eye injuries, and promote ergonomic work posture. They attach quickly and easily with ¼” standard male and female threads, and come in four different lengths, from 3” up to 17”. Make your job easier, order today.

Part No. 3EXT 3″ Length $2.95 ea.
Part No. 5EXT 5″ Length $3.30 ea.
Part No. 9EXT 9″ Length $3.95 ea.
Part No. 17EXT 17″ Length $5.40 ea.


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