What are pneumatic blow guns?

Example of OSHA approved safety air blow gun with extension.

Pneumatic Blow Guns: This article covers various aspects of pneumatic systems, blow guns as accessories used for machine blow off, how to improve pneumatic air usage and achieve cost-efficiency in blow off, how blow guns change out easily with other air tools, and how KMS blow guns avoid being discharged when dropped.

Pneumatic compressed air systems are as standard in industrial facilities as plumbing and electricity. A great variety of air tools can be run interchangeably on compressed air lines, from air wrenches to nail guns, drills to paint applicators. So the use of air blow guns as interchangeable tools on pneumatic lines is just as ubiquitous. Blow guns are as common in factories as white out is in offices. And because nearly every workstation has some kind of debris left between processes, the blow gun is the handiest tool to blow off debris quickly and keep the line running. KMS Safety Blow guns can reach debris in tight places, especially with the addition of 1/4″; copper extension tubes which can channel air exactly where you need it. They change out easily with other air tools, and the safety shield performs the dual purpose of preventing the lever from activating air flow when the gun is dropped.

Pneumatic Blow Guns: Compressed air in pneumatic systems is costly to create; however, with compressors constantly eating up expensive fuel. Using that air for blow off means that air blow guns must be efficient to minimize waste. KMS Safety Blow Guns use our patented triple purpose venturi safety ports not only for safety air relief and tamper-resistance, but also for improving the energy efficient use of compressed air.

When compressed air blows out through the KMS Safety Blow Gun, the patented venturi ports draw in cost-free, ambient air and combine it with the costly compressed air to reduce your compressed air usage. This can be demonstrated:  when side ports are blocked (do this under safe demonstration conditions, away from the body) there is a marked 25-30% decrease in air flow, as the ambient air is prevented from being combined with the compressed air, and turbulence subsequently occurs in the gun.

Pneumatic Blow Guns by KMS Company save your company money not only by preventing expensive OSHA fines and worker injuries, but by employing cost effective use of compressed air for cleaning.

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