What are the uses of Industrial Blow Guns?

Example of OSHA approved safety air blow gun with extension.

Industrial Blow Guns  can be used to clean industrial debris as light as flour, as coarse as sawdust, or as heavy as metal shavings. All these industrial cleaning and blow-off applications require multiple safety precautions, including OSHA-compliant safety blow guns which provide chip-guarding and safe noise levels. (See our article on OSHA requirements for use of compressed air for cleaning: here). KMS Safety Blow Guns fill the bill. Users of safety blow guns want a powerful gun that can utilize as much of the air available to it as possible to get their cleaning and machine maintenance done quickly. Again, KMS Industrial Blow Guns meet those needs, providing strong compressed air flow as long as the air gun is safely unobstructed.

Safe air blow guns must be durable to endure being repeatedly dropped at the end of compressed air lines, provide powerful compressed air output, be comfortable for operators to use, and most importantly, blow guns must be safe to use and OSHA compliant. Since industrial compressed air lines are typically pressurized at between 80-100 psi, any air nozzle regulating that air must provide a safe outlet for compressed air to escape when dead-ended. However, due to the broad range of debris that air blow guns are required to blow off, these nozzles must also allow a full volume of usable compressed air to flow under normal circumstances. KMS Industrial Blow Guns meet OSHA safety standards for compressed air cleaning by reducing air pressure when the air gun is dead-ended to less than 30 psi. KMS Industrial Blow Guns use a patented venturi system to accomplish this safety feature, which gives two additional benefits: the venturi air safety ports on the blow gun’s body draw ambient air into the compressed air stream, adding free ambient air to your expensive compressed air; these same safety venturi ports discourage tampering by actually reducing air flow when the ports are blocked and thus eliminate the tamper incentive. See more on OSHA compliance of our blow guns and the KMS Safety Blow Gun patented anti-tampering feature.

Industrial Blow Guns, pneumatic air guns, or blow guns, are found in nearly every industry. From automotive assembly lines to wood shops to bakeries, industrial air blow guns are everywhere. Since industrial compressed air lines are standard fixtures in factories, and air tools are employed for many uses, air blow guns dangle at workstations in a broad range of industries to blow debris off workstations, machines, parts, and products. Keeping industrial machines clean is a key to keeping them running hour after hour. So effective maintenance managers know they need safe air blow guns that can clean machines quickly, with full air volume that can blow off even deep crevices to help keep machines running. KMS Safety Blow Guns do their part to keep your machines working smoothly so you can minimize downtime.

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